Indian Beauty Market

India’s retail beauty and cosmetics industry, currently estimated at $950 million, is likely to almost treble to $2.68 billion by 2020

The beauty industry in India is growing at a break-neck pace with an estimated growth for the next years is 15-20%

the market for hair care alone is valued at INR 36billion and growing annually at a rate of 20 percent.

Middle East Beauty and Cosmetic Market

The Middle East and Africa will be the driving force behind the future growth of the global beauty and personal care market, with the UAE and Saudi key to regional dominance

Valued at $25.4 billion in 2015, the MEA’s beauty and personal care market is estimated to grow 6.4 percent over the next five years according to analysts Euromonitor, reaching $34.7 billion by 2020

Further, the Middle East and Africa are both some of the world's fastest-growing beauty and personal care markets, valued at around $25.4 billion. Over the next five years, those markets are expected to grow by 6.4% annually.

Russian cosmetic and beauty market

Russia remains to be the 4th largest beauty market in Europe

6th most attractive region for investments

70% of investors consider Russia domestic market as the most attractive with its 143,5 million active consumers

The Russian cosmetic and beauty Market grows by 6-12% annually which is twice as dynamic than global market

Iranian Cosmetic Market

Iran accounts 29% of the beauty market sharre in the Middle East

2 billion US$ are invested every year into cosmetic articles, makes Iran the second largest and most influencial country in the beauty market in the Middle East

Around 14 millionen women (total population 80 Millions) between 15-45 years old are living in the big cities with 7US$ spent in average per month for cosmetics